Tila Upset Over Lesbien Sex Tape

tila tequila uncorked lesbien sex tapeFreshly cleaned up Tila Tequila is once again tarnishing her image with the release of another sex tape- this one different because it's all lesbian action. The tape was apparantly made almost 2 years ago between Tila and her then girlfriend (Tila is openly bisexual). We aren't sure why celebs use buzz words like 'hurt', 'upset;, and 'devestated' when it comes to sex tapes that THEY made and then signed release forms for!! THEY are the ones signing these tapes over to these big porn companies who in turn pay them tons of $$ for, it makes no sense. Tila is no exception, claiming to be devestated over the release of this lesbo sex tape, even though the owner of Vivid claims that he offered her the chance to buy back her tape (thus making it NOT released to the public) and she declined. The tape (which is called Tila Tequila Uncorked) is selling very well according to Steve Hirsch, who claims the tape is doing better than expected. Your whines are useless Tila, now go take all that money you just made and buy yourself another fancy car!

Tila Tequila Video

tila tequila video

Tila Tequila has launched back into the media spotlight after it was confirmed she has a lesbian sex video - and Vivid Entertainment has the rights to distribute it!  The lesbian sex video is said to contain quite a bit of raw Tila lesbo action.  In the screenshots released by Vivid, we can see Tila getting her pussy worked over like only another woman could know.  The tape was released early and is available for download!  Don't miss this one, Tila is not happy it's out for the public!